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B i o g r a p h y

Singer – Songwriter – Producer

Donald Bell, also affectionately known to many friends and fans as “Donnie B” is a multi-talented DJ, Singer, Songwriter and Producer. With a writing style that could be easily compared to some of the greats, touching on many music genre’s including, R&B, Gospel, Neo Soul, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Reggae and New World. At the tender age of 12, Donald begin playing piano, which sparked a passion for writing songs. After years of developing his craft as a writer/Producer and learning to play other instruments, Donald begin writing jingles for several companies and producing music for many artist.


After Signing on to become the lead singer of the legendary Funk band “Slave” out of Dayton Ohio in the early 2000’s. Donnie B, as he’s affectionately known, sang with the band for 16 years and has performed with some of the biggest names in music, Including Charlie Wilson (The Gap Band) The Whispers, 112, Angie Stone, Lala Hathaway, Morris day & the time Lakeside, Larry Graham, Parliament Funkadelic, the late great Teena Marie, just to name a few.


Born in the watts section of Los Angeles, CA, Donald grew up singing in the church, a part of a very spiritual and musical family, Donald learned early on, that whatever you do, you have to keep God first, and put your all into it, this can definitely be felt, when you listen to the gospel infused soulfulness in his voice. Also a very talented Actor, Donald has many Acting Credits to his name, the latest being “Norbit’ featuring Eddie Murphy. Also a Music Industry Professional Donald worked for Warner Music Group for several years, untimely becoming an overall Artist and Businessman.


After releasing several CD projects over the years, Including “World Needs Love”  ”Life Stories” and 10969 Back II Basics, Donald has come full circle with his latest CD project  entitled “12 Gates” which will be released in Aug 2021 A Gospel infused Soulful CD with 12 original Songs, Written Arranged and Produced by Donald Bell. He has once said, “out of all the projects I’ve done over years, this one is near and dear to me, because i humbly  get to tap into the spiritual side of who I am as a man of faith”  Donald often has a favorite quote...Life is music, Music is Love, and Love is God!


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